Mold Test Kit

Mold Test Kit


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  • Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit, lab fee and shipping included
  • Safe and easy to use with accurate results for testing Toxic Black Mold in your home, school or office
  • The Amatest mold test kit should be used as your first step in identifying toxic mold spores that could be harmful to your health and your home
  • When moldy materials become damaged or disturbed, mold spores (reproductive bodies similar to seeds) can be released in to the air – the Amatest Mold Test Kit will detect this Mold

THE AMATEST®  MOLD TEST KIT offers four (4) easy sampling methods. The first two (2) air sampling methods can indicate the presence of a hidden or elevated mold problem in as little as 48 hours. If mold growth occurs on the petri dish after the air sample is taken, mail the petri dish in the enclosed postage pre-paid envelope along with the information form to the laboratory to identify the type (genus name) of mold present. The second two (2) sampling methods allows you to take a sample of visible mold growth and send it to our laboratory for analysis to determine the type (genus name) of mold present. One mold test kit is needed for each indoor area of concern.

A minimum of two (2) test kits are required for air sampling in order to compare indoor to outdoor air quality. The first sample should be taken indoors in the area of concern. The second sample should be taken outdoors. If the results of the test indicate that the amount of mold growth indoors is significantly greater than the mold growth outdoors or if the type(s) of mold found indoors are significantly different than the mold outdoors, you may have a mold problem. One mold test kit is needed for each indoor area of concern.

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